Board of Directors

IPPA is governed by a volunteer board of Panel Physicians from around the world.

Board Members work to facilitate educational and professional development opportunities for Panel Physicians and their colleagues worldwide. Uniting Panel Physicians through their professional affiliation, IPPA provides a sense of community, expands access to resources, knowledge and expertise, and provides updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and from the Immigration and Refugee Health Working Group.

Slate of Directors and Officers 2019-2020

Lyndon Mascarenhas
Canada (1st year of 1st term)
Anibal Acosta
Mexico (2nd year of 5th term)
Photo of Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas
Switzerland (1st year of 1st term)
Gerardo Barrera
Mexico (2nd year of 5th term)
Photo of Alfonso Brossa
Alfonso Brossa
Dominican Republic (1st year of 5th term)
Angel Contreras
Dominican Republic (2nd year of 5th term)
Ahmed Jan
Pakistan (1st year of 4th term)
Li Li
China (1st year of 5th term)
Jairo Roa
Colombia (1st year of 5th term)
Redentor Asis
Honorary Life Member
Phillipines (1st year of 6th term)
Roberto Assael
Honorary Life Member
Mexico (1st year of 6th term)