Australia received over 286,443 migrants from 2012-2013. Top ten source countries New Zealand, India, China, UK, Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.


In 2012, Canada admitted 257,887 new permanent residents and 213,573 temporary entrants. Top ten source countries are People's Republic of China, Philippines, India, Pakistan, USA, France, Iran, UK, Haiti, and Republic of Korea.

New Zealand

New Zealand received 85,000 Permanent and Long-Term migrants in 2012. Top three source countries: United Kingdom, China and India.

United Kingdom

528,000 people arrived as long-term international migrants to the United Kingdom in 2013. Top five source countries: China, India, Poland, United States and Australia.

United States of America

The United States receives approximately 500,000 new arrivals for lawful permanent residence status each year. Top ten source countries: India, Mexico, Russia, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ukraine and Afghanistan.