Panel Physician Spotlight: Dr. Prabhat Bhushan

Dr. Prabhat Bhushan is a Pediatrician with more than 30 years of experience and lead Medical Advisor at Max Med Centre - Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi. He has been working at Max Healthcare as a Panel Physician for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America and the United Kingdom since 2010.

Last year, IPPA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched a new project aimed at improving operational efficiency across 5 panel sites in India. Dr. Bhushan and his colleague Arpita Mukherjee, Vice President - Operations, took the lead from Max Healthcare in New Delhi. They used the opportunity to address challenges, make changes and improve their operations, which truly maximized the program's benefit.

Bhushan and Mukherjee presented their perspectives on service excellence during the Panel Physician Experiences plenary session at the 2018 Panel Physician Training Summit. The session featured Panel Physicians from 3 countries, and centered on the potential positive public health impact of the immigration medical encounter. During his presentation, Dr. Bhushan remarked, “Immigration itself is a very painful process, people cut their roots to go a different country and that creates stressful phenomena. As panel doctors we can play a major role for these clients. Our journey in service excellence started last February at Max and we are fully committed. The immigration health assessment is a unique opportunity for health intervention as well as social intervention. We as panel physicians can create a positive impact for global and public health by integrating our feedback to the health department where the migrant is going. It would be great for CDC and IPPA to replicate this initiative across the panel sites to help them achieve better outcomes, like what we have achieved in the past year.”

Dr. Bhushan’s sensitive bedside manner with applicants, particularly those who are vulnerable such as children and elderly persons, have contributed to the respect and reputation which he has among the migrant community. Mrs. Mukherjee is a dynamic leader with an impressive business acumen; she effectively used methodology to eliminate non-value-added steps from the process. Under their teamwork and leadership, Bhushan and Mukherjee have reduced the turn-around time for the examination and reporting of results, increased customer satisfaction and process efficiency and decreased complaint incidence rate.


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