TB Laboratory Workshop

On August 24th, 2017, IPPA hosted a TB Laboratory Workshop for the staff of Aziz Medical Center and IOM Islamabad at the Marriott Hotel Islamabad.  Mr. Warren Jones presented to the 20 physicians and laboratory staff in attendance.  This is the second workshop that IPPA has sponsored in Islamabad and promoted collaboration between IOM and non-IOM Panel Physicians and staff.

Mr. Warren Jones has 24 years of international experience with IOM and 20 years' experience with CDC in Viet Nam,  Thailand and Kenya. Mr.  Jones  graduated in Biological Laboratory Techniques from Queensland University of  Technology in Brisbane Australia and has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Queensland University. From 1987  to 1992, Mr.  Jones  served as the Senior Laboratory Technologist at the Queensland State Reference Laboratories. Since the early 1990s, Mr. Jones has served in a variety of Laboratory Supervisor, Manager, and Evaluator roles for IOM in Viet N am, Thailand, and Kenya.

Mr.  Jones  has managed part of the global rollout of Mycobacteria culture screening for US bound  immigrants and refugees in such places as China, Viet Nam, Thailand, Philippines, and Mexico. He has served as  the IOM regional laboratory specialist for Asia and Oceania, and currently serves as the laboratory specialist for Africa and  the Middle East, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr. Jones has co-authored 8 articles on tuberculosis in migrants and  established 9 tuberculosis culture laboratories in South East Asia and Africa. He has established networks of laboratories  for mycobacterial culture testing and external quality assessment in 12 cities in India and 10 cities in China. He also cowrote  the CDC Quality Assessment Tools for Migration Testing Laboratories.

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